The Business Coach

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We are a New Zealand based company providing consulting and marketing products and services to businesses throughout New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA and Canada.




Target Marketing

Our client are primarily small to medium size businesses.

Our products and consulting services are available exclusively through our network of Business Coaches.

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The Business Coach proven marketing strategies are packaged

as industry specific courses that when combined with the help of your Business Coach – provide simple, proven and cost effective steps to grow your business.

Walker Marketing Group has been established to serve the business community world-wide by providing affordable sales, marketing and business development products, training and value added services.

Our driven coaches have participated

 in thousands of coaching hours – training and coaching both individuals and teams. Our ethos is that if you’re able to get off to a great and efficient start as a business – then you should.

Our Clients Testimonial

“Excellent training, tips & guideline. A pleasure to work with the business coach and very satisfied with Gavin Walker.”

Janet Renolds

“Walker gives me the right direction to boost my business from the ground, was on schedule, and communicated perfectly.”

Victoria Sauvageau

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Auckland, New Zealand